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(n.) A kind of raft or float, consisting of two or more logs or pieces of wood lashed together, and moved by paddles or sail; -- used as a surf boat and for other purposes on the coasts of the East and West Indies and South America. Modified forms are much used in the lumber regions of North America, and at life-saving stations.
(n.) Any vessel with twin hulls, whether propelled by sails or by steam; esp., one of a class of double-hulled pleasure boats remarkable for speed.
(n.) A kind of fire raft or torpedo bat.
(n.) A quarrelsome woman; a scold.


(a.) Pertaining to the head church of a diocese; as, a cathedral church; cathedral service.
(a.) Emanating from the chair of office, as of a pope or bishop; official; authoritative.
(a.) Resembling the aisles of a cathedral; as, cathedral walks.
(n.) The principal church in a diocese, so called because in it the bishop has his official chair (Cathedra) or throne.


(a.) Alt. of Catoptrical


(n.) A reflecting optical glass or instrument; a mirror.