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(n.) A second draft or copy.
(n.) A new bill of exchange which the holder of a protected bill draws on the drawer or indorsers, in order to recover the amount of the protested bill with costs and charges.
(v. t.) To draft or draw anew.


(n.) To bend sharply and abruptly back; to break off.
(n.) To break the natural course of, as rays of light orr heat, when passing from one transparent medium to another of different density; to cause to deviate from a direct course by an action distinct from reflection; as, a dense medium refrcts the rays of light as they pass into it from a rare medium.


(v. t.) To graft again.


(n.) The act of granting back to a former proprietor.
(n.) A renewed of a grant; as, the regrant of a monopoly.
(v. t.) To grant back; to grant again or anew.


(n.) The pricking of a horse's foot in nailing on a shoe.
(v. i.) To draw back; to draw up; as, muscles retract after amputation.
(v. i.) To take back what has been said; to withdraw a concession or a declaration.
(v. t.) To draw back; to draw up or shorten; as, the cat can retract its claws; to retract a muscle.
(v. t.) To withdraw; to recall; to disavow; to recant; to take back; as, to retract an accusation or an assertion.
(v. t.) To take back,, as a grant or favor previously bestowed; to revoke.


(n.) A portrait; a likeness.