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Crossword Solver Answers for: S?ID


imp. & p. p. of Say.
(a.) Before-mentioned; already spoken of or specified; aforesaid; -- used chiefly in legal style.
(imp. & p. p.) of Say


(n.) A descendant of Mohammed through his daughter Fatima and nephew Ali.


(n.) A shoe or clog, as of iron, attached to a chain, and placed under the wheel of a wagon to prevent its turning when descending a steep hill; a drag; a skidpan; also, by extension, a hook attached to a chain, and used for the same purpose.
(n.) A piece of timber used as a support, or to receive pressure.
(n.) Large fenders hung over a vessel's side to protect it in handling a cargo.
(n.) One of a pair of timbers or bars, usually arranged so as to form an inclined plane, as form a wagon to a door, along which anything is moved by sliding or rolling.
(n.) One of a pair of horizontal rails or timbers for supporting anything, as a boat, a barrel, etc.
(v. t.) To protect or support with a skid or skids; also, to cause to move on skids.
(v. t.) To check with a skid, as wagon wheels.


imp. & p. p. of Slide.
(imp.) of Slide