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(v. i.) Anything which serves for support; a staff; a prop; a crutch; a cane.
(v. i.) The frame of a stack of hay or grain.
(v. i.) A row of dried or drying hay, etc.
(v. i.) A small tree of any kind, especially a forest tree.
(v. t.) To leave the staddles, or saplings, of, as a wood when it is cut.
(v. t.) To form into staddles, as hay.


(n.) A sudden motion or shock caused by an unexpected alarm, surprise, or apprehension of danger.
(v. t.) To move suddenly, or be excited, on feeling alarm; to start.
(v. t.) To excite by sudden alarm, surprise, or apprehension; to frighten suddenly and not seriously; to alarm; to surprise.
(v. t.) To deter; to cause to deviate.


(n.) A spire; also, the tower and spire taken together; the whole of a structure if the roof is of spire form. See Spire.


(n.) A crossbar of wood in a shaft, serving as a step.


(a.) Producing little or no crop; barren; unfruitful; unproductive; not fertile; as, sterile land; a sterile desert; a sterile year.
(a.) Incapable of reproduction; unfitted for reproduction of offspring; not able to germinate or bear fruit; unfruitful; as, a sterile flower, which bears only stamens.
(a.) Free from reproductive spores or germs; as, a sterile fluid.
(a.) Fig.: Barren of ideas; destitute of sentiment; as, a sterile production or author.


(v. i.) To separate combatants by intervening.
(v. i.) To contend, contest, or altercate, esp. in a pertinacious manner on insufficient grounds.
(v. i.) To play fast and loose; to pass from one side to the other; to trim.
(v. t.) To separate, as combatants; hence, to quiet, to appease, as disputants.
(v. t.) To intervene in; to stop, or put an end to, by intervening; hence, to arbitrate.
(v. t. & i.) A shallow rapid in a river; also, the current below a waterfall.


(n.) Alt. of Stippling
(v. t.) To engrave by means of dots, in distinction from engraving in lines.
(v. t.) To paint, as in water colors, by small, short touches which together produce an even or softly graded surface.


(n.) An appendage at the base of petioles or leaves, usually somewhat resembling a small leaf in texture and appearance.


(v. t.) That which stops or closes the mouth of a vessel; a stopper; as, a glass stopple; a cork stopple.
(v. t.) To close the mouth of anything with a stopple, or as with a stopple.


(n.) See Strickle.


(n.) The stumps of wheat, rye, barley, oats, or buckwheat, left in the ground; the part of the stalk left by the scythe or sickle.


(n.) A number of sheaves set together in the field; a stook.


(n.) A trip in walking or running.
(n.) A blunder; a failure; a fall from rectitude.
(v. i.) To trip in walking or in moving in any way with the legs; to strike the foot so as to fall, or to endanger a fall; to stagger because of a false step.
(v. i.) To walk in an unsteady or clumsy manner.
(v. i.) To fall into a crime or an error; to err.
(v. i.) To strike or happen (upon a person or thing) without design; to fall or light by chance; -- with on, upon, or against.
(v. t.) To cause to stumble or trip.
(v. t.) Fig.: To mislead; to confound; to perplex; to cause to err or to fall.